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Moved. Finally.

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I had given plenty of notice at my old place because I wanted a comfortable amount of time to move. I wanted to be able to make small trips, move small items in the car, and clean up at a leisurely pace. And normally, if things get done at the last possible second, it’s MY fault. But this time, it was SNOW’S fault. I blame snow. Snow is a bastard.

I shook my fist at the sky a number of times through the course of December. Twice, we got ramped up, packed, ready to rally, amassed burly friends, rented a truck, and were ready to go…to wake up to a fricken blizzard. Two weekends in a row. Discovering we couldn’t hope to move, all my energy and excitement to get moved deflated. I was pretty sour on the prospect of unpacking kitchen stuff and living out of boxes for three weeks. In the middle of holiday season. With snow.  Uphill both ways. While eating wood and rocks.

But with the help of some fabulous friends, we moved yesterday. We’ve been in the new place for 24 hours. Before we came to the new place often enough that it didn’t seem like “our new apartment.” It just felt like “that place.” Now that we’re here, and wading through a forest of boxes, I’m waiting for it to feel like home. We have done no less than 17 loads of laundry.

I want to thank our burly friends Adrian, Diane, Amy and Andy, Lynda and Andy (Amy and Lynda each have their own Andy. They don’t share. We have a strict “No Sharing Andys” policy.) Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping Dave and me move our stuff. It totally would have sucked if we had to do it alone.

And thanks to Carlena for bringing over her and Adrian’s lovely baby daughter Molly, who giggled and made cute baby noises and was wildly entertaining for us while we rested and drank beer. We’ll give her a few years before asking her to help us move.


  1. Congrats! Finally! Welcome to the other side of the river, and happy new year!

  2. Congrats on the move, but what is your Walkscore now?

    My husband and I made the sad mistake of thinking that if we lived close to a bus route (stop is 30 seconds away) and close to a MAX stop (15 min walk) that we were safe renting a place in cheaper Hillsboro. A year later and we are *so* sorry. A 90-min transit ride is not good with a 3yo and a 1yo. So I scour teh intehwebs looking for all sorts of advice on neighborhoods. Please feel free to dump any and all opinions on me!

    BTW, found you through Dave’s blog, and I’m pretty sure I found him because my husband said, “Hey, look, a bunch of advice about stuff to do in Portland and he’s got an Elko connection. How weird is that?” I keep coming back here for the photos and camping trips.

  3. Hi KYouell. Thanks for reading. I almost moved to Beaverton when I first moved to Portland. The overwhelming advice was to live closer in. It was a very good decision.

    Portland Bridges has a good overview of many of the neighborhoods in PDX (link in sidebar.) We’ve visited numerous friends who live in close-in, youngster-friendly neighborhoods. And with the housing market down, I bet you could find a gem of a place to buy or rent.

    I miss camping. Sigh.

  4. Congrats on the move, glad it finally happened without too many issues.


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