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Here’s A Goddamn Happy List

Around the first of the year, I mentioned how great 2008 was for me, and that I felt as though I should sneak off with my good fortune and hope no one noticed. It seems perhaps that pendulum came swinging back this week. First with the health insurance denials. (As an update, I have about half of those cleared up. And with a bit more digging, I may only have to pay about $100 dollars instead of $330.)

But this week, I also got a letter. A letter from a company I have never heard of, saying that some unauthorized person compromised financial data and mine is among the data stolen. I should monitor my credit for a year, look for fraudulent charges and yadda yadda. Fricken great.

Now. I have never heard of this company. Ever. A card processing company. They seem to be part of the Royal Bank of Scotland. SCOTLAND. The hell? I googled around and found no connection to any of the cards that I use or stores I shop at. I primarily use my debit card. I have no idea who this company is.

I would almost feel better if the letter was from Nigeria. But it had to be Scotland. With their kilts and accents and Ewan McGregors. I know other people have had to deal with personal info being stolen. And in all likelihood, nothing is going to happen to me or my credit rating or anything else.

I can handle a few inconveniences and occasional bad news that comes in the mail. But when they come in quick succession, I get a little crabby and paranoid. And then I can’t sleep. And well, then my day becomes a speeding bucket of shit, with no brakes (I just made that up right now.)

I was suitably grumpy today. Then some for reason unrelated to being grumpy, I was talking to someone about earthquakes and how Oregon has the potential for a fat, nasty earthquake. And we were talking about plate tectonics and volcanoes and holy crap, I forgot: I love geology!

I’m a total dork for geology! I love even saying “plate tectonics.” It makes me sound so much smarter than I actually am! Oceanic subduction zones! A’a and pahoehoe! And then I spun off into mental fantasy land and thought about taking geology 101. And how I need to dig through my unpacked boxes to find my books on Oregon geology.

It got me thinking about other favorite items that I have an undeniable fondness for. Impressionist paintings. Lounge music. Jon Stewart. A fun haircut. My own handwriting from a really nice pen. Bulldog puppies.

I try to avoid any kind of “All About Me” lists on this site. I know that’s what bloggers are supposed to do. I know this is my blog and I write my stuff here. But I don’t care to get too indulgent about my stuff. Though I do have a category for “my feeeelings” and it’s important for us to be aware of things that make us happy. And I think it’s important for you, the Internet, to know that even a photo of a bulldog puppy makes me exceedingly happy.

Here’s something else that makes me happy:


Look at these shining little faces! I love the idea of these two running around the White House, being chased by their Gramma. What a country we live in.


  1. Concentrate on the good, deal with the bad, and be ready for what’s next. I think my year was last year, for a bunch of crap buckets thrown my way. Hospital bills as well, that were supposed to be covered, sick kitty, sick kitty expenses, crap-hole job that made me second guess myself. BUT! I live ON the beach, got a good job, went to Japan, and it’s only January!

  2. Bulldog puppies? Really?

  3. Dave: OMFG YES! Lookit the puppyyyyy!

  4. Who doesn’t love saying plate tectonics???

  5. Glad that geological catastrophe can brighten your day! Now that you’re (apparently) living downtown and all, you should come out to GSOC’s meetings at PSU. Their Friday lectures are a rock-geeky good time!

  6. Who doesn’t love saying seminiferous tubules?

  7. Heather,
    I got the same letter a few days ago from CitiCards. One of my accounts was “compromised.” Bastards!
    Hope you and Dave are well. Let’s do a hang again soon! We need to come see your place.
    -J + K

  8. beware the scam that starts off “your pesonal financial data might have been compromised”…

  9. Geology isn’t as cool as it sounds.

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