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Think They’ll Sell?

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A Couch That Will Teach Your Ass A Lesson – $30 (SE)

We’re not trying to fool anyone here. This is the entry level of cheap Ikea couches, The Solsta. This couch was not designed as a relaxing piece of furniture. It is as comfortable as a church pew. This is a good couch if you feel your behind has become complacent and undeserving of a comfortable place to sit.

It was bought a year ago and barely used, (see uncomfortable, above) except by the cat. He didn’t often come in contact with the couch except through the ambient floating “air fur” that is common in households with cats. I have vacuumed the couch and it is mostly now free of cat fur. And the good news about the remaining cat fur is that it matches the couch. The cat and couch are the same color. See photo below.

The cat did claw the couch a little. He was properly punished for this. There aren’t any huge snags or gaping holes. You might not notice the claw marks if you squint.

It’s also a sleeper. I never tried sleeping on it. But if you have enemies that come for a visit, you can offer a place for them to sleep.

Okay? It’s not bad looking. Kind of hip. It was $150 new. I’m selling it for $30. For $40, I’ll sell you the pillows too. See how well they match? The whole shebang is almost classy.

You can get more details on the Solsta at the link below.


Matching Striped Vintage Chairs – $50 (SE)

These chairs are the real deal. Really vintage, not replicas. They’re not reupholstered. They have original scratchy wool fabric. They even have authentic “wear marks” from “real people” actually “sitting” in them. The fabric is wearing thin in places but they are in good shape.

The sticker on the bottom says they came from Frank Kales Furniture on NE Sandy Blvd, which is no longer around. So if you buy these chairs, you can say that you own a piece of Portland history.

You could also say these chairs have been in your family for years and your granddad sat in these chairs after he lost his foot in the war.

$50 for the pair.



  1. Comfortable as a church pew? Wow. Talk about hard-sell…

  2. Went to IKEA for the first time yesterday. I was all like, “people buy this stuff?” Guess so! It all felt so college-y.

    Not that *I* buy from a “real” furniture store, mind you. Just sayin’.

    Anyway, here’s hoping some poor college students will take that furniture off your hands.

  3. Update: Couch sold in TEN MINUTES. It was gone from our living room half an hour after I posted it.

    No bites on the chairs yet. I don’t think the ad was snarky enough.

  4. To bad the couch sold so fast. Your next promotion could have been “buy a couch…get a cat free!”

  5. I actually like the chairs! they look all slouchy and comfortable, like you wouldn’t have to worry about spilling cranberry sauce on them…

    and hey, is that your fireplace? you have a FP in your loft? THAT is super sweet.

  6. Yes, a fireplace! And a dish washer and a damn washer and dryer! I’m fricken adult now!

  7. Getting furniture that matches the cats??? Wow, I should have thought of that, but I don’t think they make couches in calico. DOH!!

    Actually those chairs are pretty close to the color of our cat Daisy. Too bad we already have a house full of stuff that we’re trying to clear out..

  8. Damn, Heather, I think your calling is in advertising!

  9. Aunty Laurie says

    What AREN’T You Good at Writing About!!! You Always Entertain!!!!!

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