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Things You Learn When You Live Together

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It’s been about a month since moving in together, and thankfully, there have been no deal-breaking surprises. He gave numerous hints about getting a Foosball table, which I never dignified with a response. And there were various Portland Athletic Celebrity bobble heads living on the fireplace mantel until I used my laser burny eyeball powers to get them down.

We have found a well balanced equilibrium where other couples might find conflict. In some cases, this is probably because some traditional gender expectations are slightly, um, reversed. He is immediately frustrated by assembling Ikea or trying to put things together. While I have a near-clairvoyant knack for building things, and enjoy deciphering text-free pictograph instructions. Thankfully, he still opens the spaghetti jars because I have wilty noodle arms.

He has lived without a car for 6 years and doesn’t care to drive. He’s not really interested in cars. I love my car and I love to drive. He’s an Oregon native, but since he’s been bumming rides or taking public transportation all these years, he’s happy to go on road trips as I get to know the state. And since he knows a good thing when he sees it, his criticism of my um, driving techniques, is minimal.

He has some nefarious plan to get me to eat more vegetables. But I am winning that war by getting him to eat more meat.

I am getting more familiar with his known quantities. Like that he is suspicious of microwaves. Despite the fact that people have been using microwaves for thousands hundreds of years. But I have learned the real motive is that he doesn’t want to use the microwave at work. Because as he is heating up his food, someone else may be in the kitchen. And he doesn’t like talking to strangers. So he won’t use the microwave.

He’s shy. Cute, huh? I guess I couldn’t be more opposite, so I couldn’t find this more weird. Plus I’m learning that I have become an enabler for this almost compulsive behavior. Instead of calling a store across town to see if an item is in stock, he wants to just go there. Why doesn’t he just call? Because he doesn’t want to talk to strangers.

And this isn’t a book or something he could quietly go pick up at the store himself. It’s a fricken dining table with chairs. Certainly wouldn’t fit on a bus across town, would it?

Thank goodness he has a loudmouth girlfriend with a car.


  1. To his credit, he did bring me coffee and cookies while I was writing this. But I think it was an effort to influence the journalistic process.

    But I guess I’ll keep him.

  2. You guys sound so cute together!

  3. didn’t you learn about STRANGER DANGER?? strangers are scary.

  4. oh but also – i’m glad it’s going well. :)

  5. I’m also the loudmouth girlfriend, but I have a crappy car practically being held together with bungee cords. Sounds like a good balance. You should eat more vegetables.

  6. I’ve never understood the car thing with him (I love cars), but I share the same issues with talking to strangers.

    I’m always afraid they’ll say “Good Morning” and I’ll respond with “Fine, how are you?” Wouldn’t that be awkward?

  7. I do that!!!

    “I’m good thanks!”

  8. I am not fond of strangers myself, but I find the kill-them-kindness tactic works wonders. “Hi! How are you doing today?” and go from there; always with a big smile. If you can catch a gander of their name tag, and include it in the greeting, you will score brownie points and maybe get charged for a small popcorn at the theater, when you ordered a large. Flies and honey, man, flies and honey.

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