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I Need A Vacation

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I had a vivid dream last night that I was on vacation in Hawaii. It is the second such dream I’ve had in a week. And in both dreams, I am only there for a very short, panicky amount of time. I am rushed, and I should be on my way to leave, but the only thing I want to do is go for a swim in the ocean. I love the ocean. And I love to swim. And I love to swim in the ocean in Hawaii.

In this latest dream, I was in Hawaii on an unplanned, rush visit with my family. It seemed like I hadn’t really packed, and all I had to swim in was a bikini from my younger sister. I don’t know if it was hers and I was borrowing it, or if she gave it to me as a gift. But clearly, I hadn’t inspected it before thinking I could use it for swimming. I put the bikini on and the triangles were too small. Waaaay too small. Like, the top didn’t even cover the nipplage areas.

In my dream, I’m all “What the hell? I can’t wear this!” I couldn’t imagine the white globs of my sunless hide hanging out of this bathing suit. It would be obscene. I’d get arrested. Nipplage! Hanging out! Come on!

My sister, in my dream, is smirky. “You’re fine. You can wear that.”

“I can’t fricken wear this! It’s not covering ANYTHING! I need a shirt!” In my dream, I start pawing through my sister’s suitcase.

“I don’t have a shirt,” she says. In my dream, I’m LOOKING at her suitcase. It’s FULL of shirts. She’s always prepared. I’m wearing tiny little triangles. It is a porno bikini.

My sister is very smirky. She says, and this is a classic phrase: “You’re never going to see these people again.”

I need a damn tropical vacation. My sister can’t come.



  1. you DO need a tropical vacation! That’s a great fish picture, btw.

    Yeah… so when are you going to drag your ass on over to Facebook?! You can befriend all the high school people who you never liked to begin with! Lol, honestly, it turns out that Matt Progen and I have A LOT in common! He’s an awesome guy! lol. Who knew?

  2. Thanks Amy! I took that picture! In Hawaii!

    I have issues when it comes to Facebook. Maybe I’ll write a post about it.

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