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Lock the Door

Yesterday I picked up The Roommate after work. I had some errands to run before dinner, so I dropped him off at home. I figured I’d be a half hour or so. But it was raining and trafficky and my errands ran longer than I expected. Since he knew I was coming home shortly, he left the front door unlocked.

Now. We live in a mixed use building. Other units right next to us are businesses with storefronts. We’ve had vagrants camp on out stoop and drink 40s. So our policy has been to keep that front door locked.

The Roommate was sitting on the couch, expecting me to be home any minute. The couch faces away from the door. He hears the door open, and it’s just SOME DUDE. The guy probably meant to go in the next unit, but he asked if so-in-so was here. And The Roommate was all, “Um, I think you need to go next door.” The guy apologized and left.

So, freaky, right? Busy street, strangers barging into our home, etc. And the extra problem was that The Roommate was expecting me. And when he heard the door open, without looking, said “Hello beautiful,” to the strange guy. Isn’t that nice? Probably made that guy’s day.

When I finally got home, the door was locked.


  1. FYI, I had the BEG to be allowed to tell this story to the Internets. The Roommate gave me permission as long as no one knows who he is. So you know, shush, okay?

  2. Creepy!!!What if “the roommate” was in the bathroom or something? Or someone stole your roommate?!?!? Or the bastard cat????? Disastrous.

  3. I’m going to start locking the door.

  4. Let That Be A Lesson To You.

  5. Some lady walked into my kitchen once when I was washing some dishes (my “back” door which I use more than the front door). She looked around, got all confused, and started asking where some other apartment was as I was just staring at her. The weird thing is that I live in apartment complex, and my kitchen door is not somewhere one would normally walk in to get anywhere… it was disconcerting. I always keep the door locked now.

  6. awesome!!!
    it is this kind of scary/safe tale that makes life so dang exciting!! and your blog so worth reading.

  7. Lucky he wasn’t wrapped in Saran wrap with a rose in his mouth!

    Lock them doors Dave!

  8. Oh my, Nakita. I think that is just the kind of comment that will keep him from telling me anything in the future. :-)

  9. Just say yes to locking of doors and no to use of unncessary punctuation. Ok, it’s the best I could come up with lacking enough caffinated intake for today. I know, I know, but I had meeting and was running late, so no time for java…

  10. one time years ago i was babysitting in bel-air and some businessman looking dude in a suit sauntered in the front door with an armload of suitcases. i looked surprised and he said “oh, they didn’t tell you i was coming?” and proceeded to prattle on and on about so and so, names i never heard of. i looked confused so he figured it out pretty quickly that he was supposed to be in the house next door. better believe i checked the locks every time i was there after that!

  11. Heather says:

    Drunk guys! Tried to get into our place last night! Thank goodness for industrial strength doors. Jerks!

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