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He’s a loaf of fur.


I try not to say “furloaf” in polite conversation.  It sounds vaugely obscene.  But he’s just a kitty.


  1. My favorite cat-related term of yours is still “air fur.”

  2. p.s. this entry is filed under the “My Cat is A Bastard” category? For sitting placidly on the floor?

    Poor Dinger.

  3. Friday Furloaf Blogging!

  4. Sean, That’s what he WANTS you to think. He beguiles the unsuspecting with his goddamned cuteness.

    Then if you give him too MUCH attention, or too LITTLE attention, he will gladly reach out and sink his teeth in your ankle.

    Bastard. Cute, though.

  5. Do you have two cats now?

  6. Hi Steve, no just the one furry bastard. He’s a one-pet-household sort of cat. If we had another pet, he would become a rug-peeing-furry-bastard.

  7. We thought we had a one-pet-household sort of cat too. Then we added another cat. Then two dogs. Then a bird. And you know what? We broke him. He’s a shadow of his former ankle-biting self. I think if you overwhelm the little bastard he’ll come around.

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