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Anxiety: It’s A Non-Stop Party

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So, yo, peep this: I’m anxious. Don’t know if you noticed. It’s one of those core personality traits that no amount of self reflection, stress management or booze can completely eliminate. Sometimes it’s barely noticeable, like “Oh, I should pay my car loan soon,” and other times it’s a raging torrent like, “OMFG I haven’t cleaned the leather seats in my car in like YEARS, and I wonder if I can actually even get the dirt out at this point, and it looks like a chimpanzee with a dirty butt has been driving this car.” And then I can’t sleep at night.

Okay? I’m actually not as stressed out as I used to be. I have to say that I’m a little LESS introspective and self-analyzing than I have been in the past. That sounds like it might be bad, but it’s actually quite good. I try to notice if I have moments when I’m edgier or more emotional than a situation warrants. I take it as a cue to put down any sharp edged objects and examine what might be going on in my brain.

This week, I have been more anxious than even my usual baseline nervousness, which is probably higher than most normal people already. So I have stopped to think about where it is coming from and I believe it is caused by the veritable crapload of stuff that I need to do. And some other stuff. So I developed a handy list to share on the internet. I think sharing is good. Lists are good too.

1.  Renew passport. Mine has been expired for almost 15 years. My photo is from when I was a gothy punk 16 year old. We may want to go on road trips to see the Timbers play in Vancouver BC. And I really just need to renew my passport, you know, in case shit goes down.

2. Pay lab bills. From here. I went to the doctor and had a few tests done. Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. Which makes it all the more infuriating that I have to fight with my insurance about covering it. In the meantime, the bills haven’t gotten paid and they may do something bad like send it off to collections, which, ha, would be great.

3.  Related: Renew a prescription without having to visit above doctor, or a repeat performance with above insurance company.

4.  I’m looking into transferring a 401k plan from 10 years ago to my current employer’s plan. It’s the same investment company on both accounts. This seems like it would be an easy task to muster. But you try accessing a 10 year old retirement plan when you forgot your passwords and your own name.

5.  The silverware situation in our household needs to be DEALT WITH. That’s all I’m going to say.

6.  Find out why I’m not getting billed for our crappy internet access since we moved. This has been taken care of. The service is still crappy. Call and complain about 2.5 mbps when I am paying for 7 mbps.

7.  Look up info on starting a small businesses in Oregon. I have a lot of info on small business in other states. Perhaps much of it is similar. But maybe there is something absolutely critical that would be different. Like I need to send a live fish to a government office on a new moon and publish it in the paper or I won’t really be in business in Oregon.

8.  Set up Google alerts for news and blog posts on container house building, odd religious cults, certain British comedians, and volcanoes. Because all those things all fascinate me.

9.  Clean up and sell my old laptop. Proceeds to go the purchase of Adobe CS4. I’d only need to sell about 17 old laptops to afford it.

10.  I desperately need to detail my car: Clean the leather seats (see above), wax the exterior, (no beading and rolling right now) and polish the windshield to see if etches from scraping frost with the Pulp Fiction soundtrack cd are really permanent. Because I’ll be super pissed.

11.  Coordinate with The Roommate on camping weekends and other trips for this summer. Make reservations so we aren’t running around like nuts at the last minute.

12.  Update my goddamned personal finance spreadsheet that I was so fricken excited about at the beginning of the year.

13.  Open new internet saving account?  lose the one I already have? Invest in GM stock?

14.  Research why my fricken Blackberry is suddenly hanging up on people without warning (super annoying).

15.  Floss more often.

16.  Finish cleaning up my old crap and make another Goodwill run.

17.  Eat more fucking vegetables. Goddamnit.


  1. Gah. #18. Update Angry Letter Man.

  2. If anything can alleviate stress, it’s a plate full o’ Lucky Charms Cupcakes (and throw some veggies on there — kill two birds with one stone).

  3. Re #7: Hello, OREGON. That’d better be a batch of homemade tofu and some vegan fairtrade cookies, yo.

  4. Re: #6 I’d KILL for 2.5 mbps. Quit whining! :)

  5. #4 – don’t bother. The only reason to transfer it there is so you just have one account in one place. What you might want to consider instead is rolling it over into an IRA or Roth IRA. That way you have control over what you want to invest it in. If you put it in your current employer’s 401k you can only invest in the choices there.


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