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This Makes Me Sad

From the NYT: Sweden Says No to Saving Saab, a National Icon

By the time I’m ready to buy my next car, I may have to get a Volvo. Or a Subaru. Fine cars, but still.

My grandpa was one of the first people to sell Saabs in the US back in 1957. My uncle still fixes them back east. When I was a sprout, my dad fixed Saabs while getting his engineering degree. He has owned 14 Saabs in his life. There’s a bit of family history there.

Tak så mycket, SAAB.


  1. Sadness indeed. My first experience was in 1967, a teacher at Lake O jr High had one. We all went out to look at this strange car with its tiny engine… if i am not mistaken it was only two cylinders? may have been an older model.

    My next involvement was a 1971 sonnet II.


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