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Island Art Cafe

Hi. I’m moving. To either Portland or Seattle. I don’t know which just yet. I’m leaning towards Portland, but I’m keeping an open mind. I’ve never been to either of these cities, so I could possibly end up in Albuquerque, with 300 days of sun a year (as opposed to 70 days of sun a year in the PNW.)

I’m planning a mad-dash trip to both cities this week. I fly into Seattle, immediately catch a 3 hour train to Portland, go to a job interview, find my hotel, spend two nights in Stumptown, catch the train back up to Seattle, find my hotel, spend two nights there, fly back.

I’m going to go carless. I didn’t want to try to negotiate two new cities in a car. I want to walk as much as I can, and take public transportation. I love walking in new cities. It’s how you SEE stuff. I’m only in each place for 48 hours. I can probably see everything in that amount of time, right? I can fully explore 2 cities with metropolitan populations of 2 million (Portland) and 3.3 million (Seattle) in 4 days on foot. No problem. Nothing like being fully informed when making gigantic, life-altering decisions.

As an added bonus, I’m going to the PNW in December. I wanted to see the weather while it was cold and wet. And an additional super-added-bonus is that I have no winter clothes! Awesome! I got rid of any coats that I had when I left LA. But you know what I love? Shopping for winter coats! Awesome! I will gladly make my first stop at the winter-coat store. And I am furiously crocheting myself a scarf for the trip. Furiously. It will be a very angry scarf.

So wait, what about Hawaii? And opening a coffee shop? And the hula lessons? Learning to surf? Getting lots of flower tattoos? Getting tan and wrinkled in the sun? Fat and happy?

That, next post.


  1. Don’t go careless!

    (oh — CARless. Well, that’s fine.)


    Great photo!


  2. Wow! Damn girl, you can’t stay still for two seconds! ;) I can’t wait to read what happened to Hawaii… and going carless sounds like fun, but I couldn’t do it… where would I live?!

  3. Knowing your penchant for moving around we still have the brown suede jacket you discarded in our closet ready to be reclaimed.

  4. COOL! I didn’t know that working at *$s impacted your life and inspired you so much you are considering a move to Seattle! Then you get to work at the real home base for *$s. That’s AWESOME!

  5. Well if an artsy coffee shop doesn’t work, try this!!

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