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I’m up to my eyeballs in books, clothes and boxes. I have a week and a day before I leave for Christmas. So I’m just trying to wrap up here. I’m mailing all my belongings through the post office. I’m bringing the cat to the vet next week for a health certificate so he can fly on the plane. I’m shipping my car on Wednesday.

I leave the island a week from tomorrow. I’ll be crashing in my parent’s basement for a couple weeks. Maybe I’ll start a band with my buds. Play some video games, read some comic books. Maybe build a pyramid of Budweiser cases. It’ll be sweet.


  1. Don’t get to comfortable with that basement living ;-) As for comics, I recommend “The Walking Dead”

  2. Any feeling yet that you might miss the island once you’re gone?

  3. Don’t forget about the ganga smokage coma you’ll be hiding from mum and dad when they unexpectably visit down stairs.

  4. A _pyramid_ of Bud cans? Dude, that’s three dimensions of empties. The simplest pyramid is five cans — and very unimpressive, being only two cans tall. So for any respectable pyramid, three cans tall, it’s a base of 14 cans. After that, it’s 30. You’ll be busy!

    (Actually, you _could_ have a four-can pyramid with a base of only 3 cans, but calculating the third and fourth tiers from there is way more math than you’ll be able to do when you’re drunk, drunk, drunk.)


  5. I didn’t realize your parents even HAD a basement!?! If so, I think we should go to Ikea and get a bean bag chair…

  6. We plan to help you acclimate by occasionally letting you out of the cellar for therapeutic exercises like grass cutting, car washing and gardening. We can’t wait, slave labah. Plus you can go to the packie when dad gets too loaded to drive!

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