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In the past 12 months, I have shed a large percentage of my earthly possessions. I used to have bookshelves, kitchen knives, a vacuum cleaner, a couch, a dining set, a dresser, an ice cream scoop, and many, many other things. I got rid of a lot of stuff for my various moves (I moved 3 times last year) and it was liberating! It was nice to feel like I had fewer encumbering items. I could move quick and fleet like a deer! And that if I wanted to, I could live a stark, thoughtful life meditating in a dank cave. You know, if I wanted.

So now I’m tired of all that feeling-liberated-from-earthly-possessions crap and ready to be a consumerist whore. I want to feel settled, not fleeting. Upon securing stable income, I have some purchase to make. I’ve been perusing Craigslist for used stuff, looking at catalogs and window shopping at Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Pier One, Restoration Hardware and other places. I’m looking mostly for inspiration, not actual purchases. Because $5000 for a couch at Pottery Barn seems *a bit much.* I figured I’d start saving ideas as I see them, then submit them to my design team for approval.

My apartment is on the top floor, overlooking open space, a parking lot, (a classy, pretty parking lot, mind you), and I get nice light. The walls of my apartment are a very light, creamy yellow. The trim and baseboards are painted white. The ceiling fan is new and the blades are black, for some reason. Unusual, but not out of place. I will get crisp white curtains and black wrought iron curtain rods to tie it all together. Black and white photography with white mats and black frames! Like a home decorating ninja!

Here’s a couch I’m thinking about:

Cream Couch

This light color may be unwise, but it’s microfiber and it’s supposed to be easy to clean. And all the cat fur will show up, too! To go with the couch, maybe a chocolate microfiber armless chair, or maybe brown leather:

Leather Chair

Or maybe I will get a silly, fun chair:

Arg Chair Triangle Chair

I’ve debated getting dark colored bookshelves or tables, because I’ve seen them look stuffy and pompous. But with the light walls and some accents of bright, pizzazy colors, I think darker shelving and tables will work.

Here’s an Ikea bookshelf, which is actually quite large and flipped on its side:


Side table for next to my bed:

Side Table

And I like these rugs! But they are so expensive!
Flower Rug

I can’t wait to have money! Home Decorating Ninja! Ka-Pow!

Watch Out!


  1. I like the “silly, fun chairs” on the left. Weird: notice how the books in both pictures are on the floor?!

    Maybe that’s supposed to subliminally suggest you should buy tables too?

  2. What can you maaaake? You looove making lamps and shit, and kitty claw marks go well on dark, chocolate brown, leather chairs. MAKE DINGER MITTENS!! That’s what you can do, with steel tips! Yeah!

  3. Light colored couch IS unwise. I have nothing else but this negativity :(

    Oh wait, We love Heather!!!

  4. DIdn’t you see Fight Club?!
    You’ll have an Ikea-induced psychic break if you allow yourself to walk down that all-too-familiar conspicuous consumption path!

    And, buy EVERYTHING you can used.
    Settle for not-quite-the-ideal-but-used and you’ll have thousands left over to come visit Portugal!
    We sold much of our furniture for thousands less than it was worth because it wasn’t coming off a showroom floor. NEVER AGAIN! BUY USED IDIOT!

  5. Am I supposed to be your “Home Decorating Ninja?”
    Not sure if I’m supposed to be reading into that comment, but I am Japanese, I love to decorate, and most importantly, I AM STEALTH LIKE NINJA. (^O^)

  6. the cat claw marks and leather are an excellent excellent point. and once you get one… they breed. while you sleep. until the entire things looks you went at it with a cheese grater while on acid. not cute.

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