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Runs In The Family

Not long ago, my mom was relating to me how neurotic one of their dogs had become. They have two miniature schnauzers. They’ve had one, Moxie, for about 10 years or so. She was a fearsome, hellion of a puppy. And very, very smart. Then they got Zoey, the other, smaller dog for 3 or 4 years ago. She’s not so bright. But she’s very affectionate. So Moxie is smart and neurotic. Zoey is cute and dumb.

My parents got Moxie when they were living in Florida. As she got older, she lost that fearless puppy mentality. She absorbed some of the weather phobia my parents experienced living in Florida. Because the weather can kill you there. Now that they live in Southern California, Moxie trembles when a large truck rolls by, thinking it might be thunder. Silly dog. It’s probably just an earthquake.

My mom was saying that Moxie runs and hides when my dad goes into the kitchen and opens the oven. She races to the farthest point from the kitchen and shakes uncontrollably. You cannot get her to calm down. Just from my dad opening the oven door. Why? She’s afraid of the smoke alarm.


  1. For the record, my Dad is a fabulous cook. Greatness sometimes requires that the smoke alarm goes off, okay?

  2. CilleyGirl says

    Heh, I’ve got the same mix of personality with my two dogs. With smart/neurotic, I have to mute the TV any time something is beeping — like the clock on “24”. Cute/dumb is getting senile; that’s not a good addition.

  3. Apple (Moxie) doesn’t fall far from the tree (parents). Remember when we had to go to the cellar as kids when a thunderstorm was rolling thru and mum would say, “Don’t touch anything metal!!!!” A pair of flipflops (tongs) were always by the cellar door. I still to this day can’t quite pinpoint why I still have tornado dreams…

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