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I Haz a Job

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I finally got an offer yesterday from this company that I visited FOUR TIMES before they decided they liked me enough to hire me. Plus, I had to take a personality test and a drug test and take a physical! I’m not supposed to tell anyone, but I’ll be working for the CIA. I’m doing a great job already.

So I’ll be doing some accounting and some other various things. I’m excited about the “other various things.” Because the accounting is, you know, ghoulish. I apologize to friends and former coworkers who are still accountants. I want to apologize for letting the world know that you go home and eats brains at night. And I apologize to my dad and myself for perhaps limiting my future career options by announcing to the Internet that those in my profession are members of the undead.


  1. So drinks are on you!?

  2. Congratulations! Dave stole my line– I expect you to sample all of Portland’s storied microbrews and select one that, in your estimation, I will enjoy. Once you do so, I will fly up and take advantage of your hospitality. For you are now employed. Hurrah!

  3. Yippeee!! Yay for more accounting! Accounting ROCKS! It’s so much fun!! Invoice this! Deposit that! Pay them! And do it all over again!! Awesome! But really, congratulations and stop eating cookies for breakfast.

  4. Robb, meet Dave. Dave, meet Robb. This is the man to lead you to beer: Dave Knows: Portland.  He knows a lot about Portland, also.

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