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Do It Now, Please.

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Someone quite important to me had an unexpected brush with mortality on Sunday, and has been in the hospital for the past few days. Everything appears to be stable now. And this someone should be going home from the hospital Wednesday. It has been a wake up call.

I’m fairly young, but my cholesterol is not so great. It could be genetic, but it’s probably my diet. It’s usually been just a casual thought in my mind. I’m eating less tater tots. But I should also exercise more. There are a lot of things I should be doing.

So I’m going to throw a blanket nag out to the Internet: If you know you need to eat better, please do it. If you know you need to exercise, please do it. If you know you need to quit smoking, please do it. Do it now.


Now, now now.


  1. I appreciate the reminder of healthy lifestyles and of our fragil existence. My thoughts are with you and your someone.

  2. Translation from Medicalese to English: RCA = Right Coronary Artery

    Translation from English to Comprehensible English: Right Coronary Artery = The vessel that carries blood to the right side of your heart.

  3. So imagine that thing shutting down. That whole right side of the heart, if not caught ASAP, will start to stop working properly if at all due to lack of blood flow. VERY IMPORTANT. We can do little things every day that will help in the long run, but the key is to keep doing it, and make it a permanent change. You feel better when you do but the hardest part is to make the decision to make that change and stick to it.

  4. I hope that he/she is OK. Call me anytime.

  5. wow. i don’t eat right (though I did buy veggies and fruit at the market yesterday), i don’t exercise (although i have started do pilates two times a week), and i smoke. and the dang things cost $6 a pack. you are effectively browbeating me into quitting… and with that new job, i’ll be walking three days a week.

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