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Said Much Better Than I Could Say

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I have the day off today. It’s Good Friday! What an odd day to be given off!

I have much I can do today on this good, good Friday, like eating cereal, drinking coffee, cleaning up a bit, going to Trader Joe’s, going to the bookstore to peruse low fat cookbooks, painting, and blogging a bit. So I will likely sit on the couch and read the internets for eight hours.

I dislike when someone else writes something before me because I procrastinated, AND writes it better than me anyway. This was a topic I was going to write about myself. Why I’m not on Facebook. He said it much better than I could have said, and something, mumble. Funnier than me. So whatever. Go read it.

And by the way, this is one of the blogs I used to see around all the time on a now defunct Oregon blog aggregate called ORBlogs. I use to read it multiple times a day as I was new to Oregon. And I’d see familiar blogs as they published new posts and it seemed like a community. It was fairly essential reading as I got comfortable in Portland. There are a few new aggregates (another) that stepped in the fill the void after ORBlogs shut down, but it seemed like many people scattered to the wind.

Total strangers but familiar blogs. But not familiar enough, probably, to link on Facebook. Because it might be awkward.


  1. I’m glad your Good Friday plans are as ambitious as mine.

    Thanks for the links to the aggregates–I’ve been missing that good ol’ Oregon Blogs!

  2. I really don’t have a problem not “friending” people on social network sites. I mostly only keep them to maintain friendships with those that have move far away, anyhow.
    And I’m totally jealous of your day off. We only get 8 holidays off, and the next isn’t until Memorial day. Sigh…

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