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Today is My Sister’s Birthday

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Isn’t she cute? Look at these two. Isn’t he fabulous? I haven’t met my husband yet, but he already hates this guy. If these two beautiful people procreate, they will make children so adorable, it will cause explosions and implosions and black holes in the space-time continuum and we’re all going to JUST DIE. I suggest for your own safety, you stock up on canned corn now.

My sister has had a rough time with her sick kitty in the past month or so. It has been tumultuous and expensive experience. It all just began to happen as I was leaving for Oregon. We found out her cat had cancer the same day we had to say goodbye. It was a hard day. But my mom made soup. And the soup was good.

Through this crazy year I’ve had, and through all my other ups and downs: the moments of nail-biting indecision, the long, slow periods of boredom, and frequent discussions of “What Am I Going to Do With My Life?” I have never had as fierce an advocate and fount of support as my sister. I wouldn’t be where I am, where ever that may be, if she hadn’t helped me there.

She is one of the sweetest, most sensitive, caring and exceedingly positive people I’ve ever known. She stays positive in the face of snarling, raging negativity. Negativity with gnashing of teeth and foul breath and everything. She endures like a champion. She always finds the good side of everything and everyone.

I am the luckiest person in to world to have her as my sister.

Me and Sis

I miss you, little sis. Thanks for everything. Happy Birthday.


  1. Fabulous?!?! HA! Can’t even keep his tie straight. What a tool. I do agree that you have a cutie pie sister.

  2. Happy berfday Meredith!

  3. Have a great day! And a great year for that matter. :-)

  4. Happy Birthday Meredith! Warm fuzzies sent your way. :)

  5. Portugal says Happy Birthday Meredith! (or the Portuguese equivalent, which I don’t remember just now)

  6. Thanks everyone!! I celebrated with some homemade coffeecake, leftover Chicken Picatta, then Killer Shrimp! Yes I said it!! THEN PINK BERRY!!!! Yes I said that too!!! And it was all good!! And I don’t feel at all bad about it, or not going to the gym!!

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