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This conversation occurred between Keiko and me while we pulled into a parking space at the Ralph’s in Culver City.

Keiko says, “Okay. You have to decide, right now, which car you would rather drive. And you can’t sell it. And you actually have to drive this car everyday.”

The tone of delight in her voice is ominous. I can tell, even before looking, that this will be a choice between two god-awful cars.

She has selected an early-2000’s, white Mustang convertible with BRIGHT BLUE flames painted on the nose and hood. It’s wouldn’t be SO bad, except the additional blue flames declare just how proud the driver of this car is. Someone paid good money to paint those blue flames on there. It’s shiny and bright. Someone totally thinks this car is the shit.

The other car is a decrepit Volkswagen van. Not a nice one. An old, neglected, yucky VW van that is rusty and beyond restoration. The kind filled with trash and probably smelly on the inside.

Ulg. Horrible choices. Do I go with white trashy, or actually trashy? The Mustang has some redeeming qualities in that it is a convertible. But would you really ever put the top down? It has blue flames! And I was fresh out of fuzzy dice. The van has heritage, and a meager amount of street cred, but it really is a pile of shit. Someone on the fringes of society lives in that van. They are both really awful cars. What a torturous choice. Only a twisted, diabolical brain thinks this shit up.

“Damn. Can I think about it?'”

“Yes, but you have to make a choice by the time we leave the store.”

“Damn it.”


  1. Blue flames!!!!!!

  2. If I recall, you chose the 2000 Ford Mustang Convertible with the electric blue flames. You forgot to mention that it had M-U-S-T-A-N-G spelled out across the top portion of the windshield.

    Anyhow, I then ostrasized you for choosing THAT ugly-ass car…(knowing that I would have made fun of you for choosing the rusty VW bus, just the same).

    Oh, I miss those days…

  3. I’m from South Jersey, so that’s a no-brainer right there.

    If only it was an IRAC with a T-roof, then you’d be talkin’…

  4. Barb Dillon says

    Heather – just catching up on you. Mustang all the way baby!!!
    I just bought a new Mustang. A 2007 GT convertible!!!! Sweet!!!

  5. Barbara, I can see you in that car. You are Rockin with Dokken!

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