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First Week of Employment

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I have returned to the ranks of the working class. It was entirely pleasant. There was nothing stressful about it. All of my cow-orkers are extremely nice. EXTREMELY nice. Like, can you be for real? Are you always like this? Are you always this nice? I can’t help but view this collection of very nice, pleasant people with with a fair amount of caution. I’m waiting for them to peel their faces off to reveal the lizards underneath. Like they do in Los Angeles.

So work is very nice. My first week is over. And though it hasn’t been particularly taxing, my brain is a little mushy. Nothing about it is hard. But I’m a little pooped. New jobs are always a little exhausting. And when meeting new people, I tend to go into “chatty entertainer” mode. I’m a nervous talker. So when talking to strangers, I get a little hyper-animated. It’s like I’m doing show tunes, but without the singing and dancing and jazz hands. Sometimes jazz hands. Ta-Da!

Since I don’t know anyone, I think of it as a whole city full of people who haven’t heard any of my stories yet. Poor, poor souls.

The sunrise was nice this morning.


It’s hard to see in the above photo that the sun is coming up right over Mt Hood. So here is a handy outline:

Mt. Hood


  1. You know what they say about Mt Hood:
    If you can’t see Mt Hood, it’s going to rain.
    If you can see Mt Hood, it’s going to rain…

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