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If You Are Not an Accountant, Or Roman Catholic, This Will Not Be Interesting

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And if you ARE an accountant or Roman Catholic, it will still probably not be interesting.

No one knows what SAP stands for. It’s a big, fat, bloated accounting program that big companies use. But no one knows what SAP (S-A-P, not “sap”) means.

Exciting answer here!

And an equally befuddling acronym: CCD. Did you have to go when you were a kid? Sunday school? Or catechism? I had to go, and I still haven’t forgiven my parents. All the more so because my sister DIDN’T have to go. She also never had to mow the lawn and rarely did the dishes, either. I had to do those things ALL THE TIME. In fact, I have no other memories of my childhood besides being a dork, going to CCD, mowing the lawn and doing dishes.

Anyway, you didn’t know what CCD stands for. Until now. It stands for “Confraternity of Christian Doctrine.” Sounds creepy and weird, don’t it? That’s because it IS. And it also interrupted cartoon watching on the weekends.

If you’ve ever wondered what might be wrong with me, and it’s likely you have, this is your answer: SAP and CCD.


  1. As you warned, I thought this post was not very interesting…UNTIL I clicked through to that 3000 word article ‘explaining’ what SAP stands for.

  2. The lawn mower and Heather were not very close friends. Their relationship lasted only a couple of dates.

  3. Heather Jeanie,
    You mowed that lawn once and you were pissed off at me because I wouldn’t let you wear your super hero “Shit Head” costume while you did it! And you were 18 at
    the time!!! Go eat foot shavings!!!

  4. Um, hello? I DID have to go to CCD and probably hated it more than you. I had to take the bus there on Monday nights and no one was my friend. We had to do stupid projects, that sometimes had nothing to do church and I learned absolutely nothing. BUT I do remember I didn’t mind Palm Sunday, it was the one day I could get dad to be funny at church, because I hit him with Palm fronds throughout mass and he let me.

  5. Also, you’re right about me not having to mow the lawn, maybe once I remember, probably because you weren’t around. And I did have to do the dishes and you were a huge dork.

  6. Meredith, Jesus was your friend.

  7. Don’t forget OCD and PMS… (ba-boom, crash!) KO!

  8. SAP = Sucky And Putrid

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