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First Hero to Visit PDX

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Yesterday, my dad arrived with a Dodge Durango filled with boxes of my crap. He rented the Durango in LA and drove 1000 miles to bring me my stuff. Then we hauled 20 boxes up two and a half flights of stairs. Most of those boxes were filled with nice, heavy books. I wasn’t a literature major for nothing.

We dropped off the rental, grabbed some lunch, then some coffee, and because my Pa hasn’t been in sub-40 temperatures for a while, we needed to drink beer in front of a fire.


Your dad might be cool, but he’s not as cool as my dad.

Pa drinkin Beers

Thanks, Pa.


  1. How was the beer? Looks like maybe a Terminator Stout and a Ruby?

  2. You’re right. Your dad is pretty cool!

  3. Portland is cool! The fire was great. The brews were worth the drive (a Porter and a Ruby). Thanks Heather for an interesting weekend.

  4. Meredith says

    Looks neat! Hopefully I can visit soon!

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