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More Paintinks

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These are five by five inches each.


This is twelve by twelve inches.


I like these orange poppies. I like the bright blots of color. It feels a bit unfinished, but eh, perhaps I’m going for the “rustic” look.  If I were a better painter, I could articulate and fix where I felt a painting was lacking.  But for now, I’ll consider this a “sketch.”


Quick, fun, decorative.  Maybe they match someone’s bathroom linoleum.


  1. I *love* the tree painting. I should be moving soon, so expect an order!

  2. Yeah, I think the trees are winners!

  3. Poppies. They only painting to have depth as part of the composition. Trees are ok, kind of like a puppy-cant miss. add some subtle detail to the larger poppies, not lines but color/shading for some hint of form and depth.

    Great Job, makes want to bust out the brush today.

  4. These are so fun! Love ’em! My favorites are the roses…and the little orange flowers….and the trees…oh yeah, and the tulips!

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