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Evidently, I’m Lucky To Be Alive

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I was talking to a woman at work about how I arrived in town. She’s a life long resident of Portland. I told her it took about a week for me to get an apartment, and how I stayed at a scuzzy hotel. She asked which one, and I told her I had stayed at the Motel 6 on Powell.

And she FREAKED OUT. She told me it’s the most dangerous hotel in the city. All the tweekers and drug dealers and criminals hang there. The place is on the news all the time.

Huh. I do remember there was a dedicated parking spot just for the police.

I mean, it quite obviously WAS very scary. Plus I had my nice shiny car with Hawaii plates, filled to the roof with boxes and worldly possessions. I slept lightly every night, waiting for some creep to pound on the door. And I worried through the night that I was going to hear shattering glass and my car alarm. But nothing happened. I survived.

This woman looked at me and marveled. She said it was a miracle that I wasn’t assaulted. Another woman who was listening to this conversation nodded in agreement.

So in a roundabout way, it makes me kind of bad ass, doesn’t it?


  1. My dear:

    Please go to the next time you decide to do something like that, and by “that” I mean uprooting your entire existence and parking yourself and all of your worldly possessions in a strange city with no contacts and unconfirmed prospects.

    Yours fondly,


  2. Just be glad you didn’t wake up sans kidneys in a bathtub full of ice. I knew a guy who said that happened to a friend of a friend of his.

  3. I live just down Powell from there and have for 5 years. I can tell you for a fact your coworkers were way over reacting. But welcome to town! Stay in Portland, avoid the suburbs where the real crime is…

  4. Well, if the boxes were full of worldly posessions, pitbulls and guns, then you’d be bad ass. As it was, it sounds like you’re just lucky as hell! Either that, or your guardian angels were working overtime… I guess it depends on your faith ;-)

  5. Just what your family wants to hear…

  6. Hey, it sounds like that Hotel is in Lisbon just at the end of our block!

  7. That’s the last time I believe it when you say where you are going is safe. Billy club and mace are in the mail!

  8. I found you looking for camping sites in OR. You’re funny and make me laugh at work when I should be doing other important things.



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