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People: Homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup

I just made this up for dinner tonight. It was delicious. I’m a tortilla soup genius.

4 Cups of chicken broth (or veggie)

2 small tomatoes

1 small sweet onion

2 ears corn on the cob

1 small can of El Pato Hot Mexican Style Tomato Sauce

Tortilla chips

10 or so sprigs of cilantro

Half a pound of precooked chicken (or not)

Salt to taste

Sour cream and/or cheese for garnish

Now. We actually had homemade chicken broth. Dave had boiled the carcass (what a great word) of a leftover roasted chicken. But we didn’t have enough homemade broth. So we used some bullion stock also. As the broth was beginning to simmer, I broke up half of the tortilla chips and put them in the pot so they would disintegrate and thicken the soup a little.

I diced the onion and fried it up. I think the scent of onions frying in butter has to be one of the best smells ever. If they made a perfume of it, I’d wear it. Maybe.

When onions where a little brown and roasty, I threw them in the soup pot. Then I chopped the tomatoes and threw those in the pot. Then I shucked the corn on the cob, and cut the kernels off with a knife. This made a mess. Then I fried the corn kernels in the leftover onion grease until they were a little brown and roasty. I threw the corn in the pot.

These are all just the veggies that I like. You can throw anything you want in there. Peppers would be fine, squash, zucchini, jalapeƱos, etc. I think I remember my culinarily gifted friend Keiko using okra in her tortilla soup. Basically, you can put anything you want in there.

For the El Pato Hot Mexican Style Tomato Sauce, use your best judgement. It’s spicy. I used about two tablespoons worth and that was enough. You may like more heat. But I suggest adding it in small amounts and tasting until you get the flavor you want. If you’re not into spicy at all, you can just use regular tomato sauce and no one will make fun of you. Maybe.

Let it simmer and meld a bit. Add as much salt as you need. Here I pulled the leaves off the cilantro and threw them in the pot. After about 10 minutes, I added the precooked chicken and let it heat through.

I took the rest of the tortilla chips and broke them up into the bottom of the bowls. I ladled the soup over the chips. Added a blorp of sour cream on top. Cheese if you want. A few more cilantro leaves to make it pretty.

This was really quite easy and I have to say, damn tasty. If I’m going to be a genius, I may as well be a tortilla soup genius.


  1. I love making tortilla soup…I add lime juice to mine.

  2. now I’m hungry

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