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Driving Topless

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It was a super clear, sunny day here in Portland. I had previously demanded that my neighbor take me for a spin in his convertible. And today he knocked on my door. And we went for a spin.

We drove up through the stately neighborhood of Kings Heights to Council Crest, the highest point in Portland.

Brain's Car

That’s my neighbor Brian’s car. My old car was quite similar and it made my heart ache a little to go for a ride in it. That’s Mt Saint Helen’s in the background. In the middle ground is the Fremont Bridge. A friend told me that bridge design is somehow unstable and the actual designer of the bridge wouldn’t drive on it. However, this friend has a history of not knowing what he’s talking about, so I often don’t pay any attention.

Since it was such a clear fricken day, we could see four volcanoes! Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainer and Mt. Hood. They are active volcanoes and they could blow up any second! It was badass!

Looking for Volcanoes!

This is me looking for volcanoes!

Mt Hood

There’s one there! This is Mt Hood. People go hiking there and get lost and sometimes they are never found. I’m pretty sure if I go there, I won’t get lost. I have a good sense of direction (see above photo.)

Me and B

Me and my neighbor Brian. He doesn’t know it yet, but I might steal his car.


  1. Those there some big mountians. That’s no Wachusett Mountain.

  2. Man, that’s some false-ass advertising right there… Guess I gotta go over to the Suicide Girls again now.

  3. also appears in a collection of Oregon-themed blogs called This post got a lot of referrals, probably because of the the title. Suckas.

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