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Accountants’ Inferno

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Somehow both my sister and I are accountants. We don’t know how this happened. She is equally creative as I am, if not more so. I have a degree in literature and humanities. She has a degree in studio art. She is certainly a better painter that I am, though as we have observed, this is clearly faint praise.

As I was growing up, if you had asked what the most horrible, soulless, worse-than-death job would be, without hesitation, I would have likely said, “Accounting.” Turns out, I was pretty much correct.

The conversation below occurred today over email.

My sister: Our AR is over 7 million dollars.

Me: Wow, all past due?

My sister: Yes. They don’t think it’s a big deal.

Me: Our AR is less than 12% current. The rest is past due. They don’t think of it as past due until it’s over 120 days.

My sister: We got an $80 fan for our office. It sounds like a jet engine in here.

Me: Wow. Bummer.

My sister: It blows all the papers off my desk.

Me: Okay. You win.


  1. I’m…just…gonna set the building on fire….

  2. I do have a red stapler.

    I really do.

  3. An 18″, high velocity “desk fan”. Not… my… idea.

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