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Friends! Your Ears! To Me, Lend Them!

What are you doing on Saturday, July 11? You know what you totally SHOULD do? Go to the Mississippi Street Fair.


Last year’s Mississippi Street Fair kicked a ton of ass. It was hundreds of artists and vendors and BBQ purveyors, all packed within five or six blocks. People brought their babies and their dogs, and it was sunny, and it was about as damned wholesome as you could hope for.

And this year, this year, THIS YEAR, I will have a booth! I’ll be selling some paintings and stuff!

For the past few weeks, I have been painting nearly every night trying to get ready. I’m freaking out a little. And I’m working on a logo so I can hand out cards. If selling silly paintings goes well, I’ll enter more street fairs. And do a website. And go on Etsy. And then of course, world domination will follow soon after.

So you should totally come say hi! I don’t know where my booth is located yet, but I’ll update when I find out. Look for Crafty Smackdown! If you bring your babies, I will kiss them!


  1. Heather!

    Do you take requests? I’d really like a painting of my dogs!

  2. I will be there, bag of cash ready to buy some art!

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