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Are You A Yankee or A Rebel?

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Find out here.

I’m 82% Yankee. Although they phrased it as: “18% Dixie. Wow! You are a Duke of Yankeedom!” Being of stiff-lipped New Englander stock, I’m a little off-put by measuring percentages by how “dixie” I am, or not. It’s not wicked pissah.

Here’s another. I’m 100% Yankee on that one.

I tend to get made fun of for how I say “about.” Evidently, I say “aboot.” Or the more likely scenario is that those listening to me have a temporary hearing malfunction when I say that word.


  1. Don’t front… I’ve seen you sporting the big hair with your hand in the Cheetos bag watching Nascar. Your parents moved here from Florida, for Chrissakes.


  2. Baker Bob, I’m afeared for y’all’s safety once Pa done git his sawed-off after y’all. He’s out gassing up the truck now.

  3. My results both of those links was: 0% Dixie. Need help digging out of the snow?

    Heh heh… no, I use my snow blowah.

  4. Fun test 1 – 33% Dixie. You are definitely a Yankee.

    Fun test 2 – 21% Dixie. You are a dandy Yankee Doodle.

    They said doodle!!

    Your pronunciation is fine… I still get asked where I’m from when I say, “aboot” or “oot.” I’m taking my pocketbook, drink at the bubbler, then shop at the package store with my shopping basket.

  5. You know what’s funny? I am a true Massachusetts resident and I never say “aboot” or “oot.” Maybe it is because I’m not a “Frenchie” lol. I think that’s a Central MA- French/Canadian thing. However, when I say “about” and “out” I am more likely to say “abouh” and “ouh” kind of dropping or severely truncating the “t” so it almost doesn’t exist. When I used to frequent SoCal a few years back, I got teased a lot for the way I say “kitten” “mitten” and “button” (kitten is kind of like “kih-hen”… hard to explain…) We drop the R’s AND the T’s… pretty soon, people in Massachusetts probably will just grunt and groan to communicate.

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