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I Like Movies

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Anyone who has ever written anything begins to like the idea of writing a screenplay. It’s only 120 pages! So much less than a novel! They make it into a movie! If I base a character on myself, I think they should totally get Natalie Portman to play me!

I like movies. I don’t *love* them the way some people do. This was one reason I couldn’t really hope to be a success in the film industry. There are enough people who are bonkers-in-love with movies who would pour out their hearts and souls for a career in film. Of course, I could have gone the other route, and tried to sleep my way to the top. But alas, there are many better-looking people willing to do that. And Los Angeles was all like: Um, no thank you.

I am quite under-educated when it comes to films and TV. I have spent much of the past 15 years without a TV. Because, you know, I was reading all those books that I own. The greatest pain of not having a TV is being apart from my boyfriend, Jon Stewart. But the other pain is having to explain myself when I haven’t seen a lot of movies.

I haven’t seen as many movies as I should. I’ll revive my Netflix account once I get a TV. And a DVD player. But first I need to get a microwave. And a hair cut. And an oil change. Jon Stewart will have to wait just a little while while longer.

But I saw a movie this week! It was good. I liked it. Here’s someone else’s review. Because I’m lazy.

Also, it’s 8:40 am on Friday March 28, and it is snowing, like, real snow, here in Portland. Big, white downy flakes of snow. In March, almost April. In Portland.


  1. Natalie Portman to play you?

    Nah, Scarlett Johansson!

  2. Okay, so you’ve only seen one movie in the last 3 months because you’re broke and don’t own a TV… and it was a Gus Van Sant movie. This after staying at the Heroin Hotel and spending your haircut money on art supplies.

    If you were any more Oregonian, you’d be a fuckin’ pine tree.

  3. call me shallow, but movie reviews which have statements like this… “His skill as a director and editor combined with Gabe Nevins’ subtle performance successfully positions the viewer in the non-linear narrative mind’s eye of Alex.”… are a sure-fire way to eradicate any interest i might have had in a film.

  4. um… that came across as really bitchy, sorry. my funny button seems to be broke. probably from watching transformers the other night.

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