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Someone I Know REALLY Likes Salad

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One of the absolute best ways to get to know someone is to live with them. I’m in my mid thirties, and I’ve had a fair number of roommates, all with varying levels of craziness. Many of my former roommates probably thought I was the crazy one. I get touchy when people disturb the sleeping cats in my freezer.

It hard to hide odd little idiosyncrasies when sharing a home with roommates. For instance, I had a roommate who was a fabulous cook. There was nothing she couldn’t cook or bake. Everything she made was amazing. She used to wake up super early on Monday mornings and bake some fabulous homemade cake or pastry or dessert for the people in her department at work. I’d get up hours later and the house would smell wonderful.

Sounds nice huh? But you know what? She was obsessed with how much deodorant I use. And she called me Stinky. She even called me Stinky on The Internet! Now the Internet makes fun of me on the playground. For the record, I’m not stinky, and I don’t use any more deodorant than anyone else. But this is what happens when you live with someone.

Also? I used to get emails from her every once in a while, reminding me how much she loves salad. “Have I mentioned that I really like salad? I do. I REALLY love salad.” She made me promise, that if she died, I would write her eulogy. And that I would mention that she loved salad.

I hope she come visits me in Portland.

Salad World

Looks more fun than Disney World, doesn’t it?

She is one of my favorite roommates. But she sure does like salad.


  1. Thanks Stinky! You’re my fave too.

    And yes, I can picture it now….

    YOU: (flinging my ashes into the sea and yelling) “She really, really LOVED Salad..” whilst crumbling to the ground into uncontrollable sobs.(of course)

    Let’s hope I don’t die eating an e-coli tainted Spinach Salad or anything…

  2. Meredith says

    I lived with her too. She is stinky.

  3. OMG you guys! I am NOT! I’m never going to make any friends in Portland!

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