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Goodbye Soccer Mom

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“Eat your goddamned waffles, kids.”

“I have a tattoo.”


  1. Why so pissed? I like the dark!

  2. I guess the rainy, gloomy weather has brought about the dark, brooding Heather that was hiding in sunny So-cal.

    I like it better!

  3. Is that the pro-blogger look up there?!
    Kinda goth..a bit. That is, if below the frame is a bat belt and spooky boots.

  4. You go girl! What a cool new look!

  5. love it!! the trend seems to be shorter these days. i too am heading for a short, dark look.

  6. Now you must start smoking Djarums, move into a warehouse loft, and listen to the Velvet Underground all the time (but claim you only have it on as background music and “forget it’s even playing”).

  7. LMAO! “Eat your waffles” to “I have a tattoo.” Priceless. I think at least 75% of the change is the makeup, though ;-)

  8. looks like someone is getting Siouxse and the Banshees underoos for christmas

  9. It’s really not as dark and gothy as it looks. So I’m not drinking the blood of virgins at night. Well, maybe on weekends.

  10. Is the soccer mom single? ;-)

  11. hey, love the new look. what’s your new email address? please write me, i sent you something at hotmail and the email bounced

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