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Strangers on Bridges

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I’m not really superstitious. I don’t throw salt or knock on wood or sacrifice goats. I might spend a second or two hoping for a safe flight as I buckle in on a plane. Or I silently wish everyone on the plane safe travels. And if someone is a real bastard who has it coming, I hope that it comes to him AFTER he gets off the plane.

I may be a tiny bit superstitious about about certain peoples’ names. Like, I have promised myself not to date men with certain names. Because of repeated bad luck with men of that name. Or in the very least, I may date them, but harbor deep, persistent suspicions about them. Sorry to all the men named Adam in the world. But you know what you did.

The following may sound odd since I am a non-superstitious, and a non-religious person. And I tend more towards the heathen side. But if I’m in the car, and I drive under a bridge, and I see a pedestrian walking on the bridge, I say a little prayer for them. I have done this for years.

Not a Hail Mary or an Our Father, but just a little wish for them. Good vibes, I guess. I used to wish that person, the passer-by on the bridge, that they would receive whatever that they hoped for. Success in their endeavors. Their wildest dreams. Just an unsolicited good wish from a stranger passing by in a car.

But then I thought, well, what if the stranger on the bridge is planning cold-blooded revenge? Or, what if he hoped for an ill fate for someone else? What if she were the office bitch and was totally backstabbing her best friend and sleeping with her boyfriend?

So I began to just wish happiness for them. In its most simple form. Because that’s all we can really hope for. And then, if the stranger on the bridge got their happiness through some nefarious means, at least I wouldn’t be directly responsible.


  1. How would you like it if you were walking across a bridge and some stranger wished happiness at you? Have you thought about that?

  2. When I see someone walking on the bridge I’m about to drive under, I say a little “if you chuck a melon at me I will swerve and avoid it, then I will find you, fncker” prayer.

    A warning/threat prayer.

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