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Sound Like Fun To You?

Would you drive a 37 year old car 900 miles through the Mojave Desert?  How about with no air conditioning?  In a car so small, it makes a Miata look like a tank?  And rides like a roller skate?  How about both ways?


My dad and his brother, who is flying out from Massachusetts, and other SAAB nuts are driving from Los Angeles to Copper Mountain, Colorado for the 2009 Saab Owners Convention.

Not that I’m worried, because if any of the cars were to break down, between my uncle, my dad, and the other attending crazies, you couldn’t find more qualified people to fix them.  I’m not worried.  I think my mom is, though.

My dad is hard core, yo.


  1. Sounds like great fun. What could be better then a great drive in a classic sports car across the American west. I have done that same route in 1973 in a Fiat 128 spyder to visit a girlfriend in Greeley. Yep, the first three hundred miles are a bit warm, but then its bliss up and over the Moab escarpment into the Rockies. Side note, right as you enter Vegas, head East to Lake Mead and take the scenic drive around the lake to Overton and connect with 90. very beautiful.


  2. He and your uncle will be FINE. Boys on a road trip with their toys – what could be better? I supplied the emergency rations… no problems!

  3. Good to hear from you, Joe!

    Dad’s on the road now! Probably in Mojave somewhere, watching the sun rise in the desert. Thanks for providing the emergency rations. They didn’t include bourbon, did they?

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