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…A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

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Casablanca In Laurelhurst Park.


Put on by Portland Parks and Recreation, free summer Movies In The Park.  How lucky that the film showing near us would be Dave’s most favorite movie.


Thousands of people, families, dogs and bikes came out for a lovely evening under the trees.  An occasional dog bark, not normally heard in a movie theater, would send ripples of laughter through the crowd.


I love Portland.


  1. aww man, I just heard about this happening yesterday afternoon from the bartender at the Basement pub. I was thinking about riding down there, but got caught up in other things (Dawson’s Creek – oops). Garg – need to get on the mailing list for this stuff.

  2. How fun!! I’ve never done anything like that!

  3. BTW, Dave’s other most favorite movie is Goonies.

  4. Heather is incorrect. Goonies is my *least* favorite film.

    Casablanca though, is my all time favorite, and it was fun watching it out of doors last night!

  5. So jealous! They had budget cuts in San Diego and got rid of the movies at the cove. At least you were in never any real danger of pelican poop. 6 months and I get to actually experience this stuff! 6 MORE MONTHS!!!! Come on savings account! No whammies!

  6. I love The Goonies!

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