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I Went to the Timbers Season Opener Last Night

And all I can really say is…these people are fucking crazy. I love Portland.

Here’s a better writeup than what I can muster. Because, you know, I’m just a girl.

I forgot to mention, we were entering PGE Park and they were playing The Shins. And not a radio cut. Some random Shins song. Where else do you go and hear The Shins at a sports stadium? I fricken love this town.

Below is a video of the Timbers beloved mascot, Timber Jim, sawing the log for the last time.

Timbers Army

Timbers Army

Cute Portland Boys

Cute Portland Boys

PGE Park


  1. Timbers Army Man says

    Come to more matches. Get crazy w/us. And bring newbies. We feed on newbies!

  2. ahh, so you do have *proper football* there then…

  3. Liza, you would have been proud of us Yanks. Portlanders are proper footie hooligans.

  4. that is a HUGE chain saw! call me crazy but i think soccer fans and huge chainsaws are an ill-considered combination.

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