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Whew! That Was Fun!

It turns out, when you accidentally delete your blog database, it only takes five hours of freaking out to fix it! Awesome!

But so far, all the little issues I was having with comments not showing up in my backend (and boy, does my backend get comments) and other various issues seems to be gone. So far. All I needed to do was accidentally delete everything! Why didn’t I think of it before?


  1. I can sympathize. My hosting service and domain registrar closed last weekend – with no notice. No website, no email. My last blog database backup was a couple months old so I just started from scratch.

  2. Gah PML! That has been my nightmare. I have heard other people say their host shut down without notice. And they lost everything with no way to get it back. So I went with a “big name” host. And well, they have their own problems too.

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