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Quick Trip To The Coast


Just barely Photoshopped, people.


When Dave was a child, his family always vacationed in the same ocean front cabin in Rockaway Beach. Ever since, someone in the family rents the cabin for the same week each year. Dave’s sister’s family was kind enough to let us stay with them for a night.  Dave spent the weekend calling their 80 pound black labrador “kitty.”


Those are Twin Rocks in the distance. I suppose they are twins because they are near each other. But one clearly has a hole in the middle, and I venture to say, therefore, a different dad.


Beaches are big and wide in Oregon. And clean.  The last time I saw a beach like this, it was probably in Maine at Popham State Beach. And I was a child, so I’m sure the beach seemed so much bigger because I was not as tall.

We took off our tongs (flip flops) and rolled up our pant legs. Walking on the hard packed sand was a little punishing on my feet and ankles, but in the best possible way. It was real walking.  We let a wave or two roll over our toes to be reminded what it means to experience cold. It was bright and sunny and beautiful, but there is a reason why you need a sweatshirt on the beach in Oregon. The ocean has no interest in playing with you. That shit is cold.

I can’t remember the last time I took a long, leisurely walk on the beach. It was detoxifying. The city felt a thousand miles away.

As an aside: not long ago, I noticed an older couple who were wearing the same outfit.  Same plaid shorts, same denim jacket.  I haven’t ever understood this phenomena with couples dressing the same.  I guess it’s useful if you have a tendency to get lost. “I’m lost! Where’s my husband?  Wait, what am I wearing?” Useful, I suppose.

But I remarked that I would never do that, in part because I have an excellent sense of direction and I am not likely to become lost.  But it was not long after this discussion, after I had been wearing my red Ben Folds track jacket, that a package arrived in the mail.


One of us says “It’s like we’re on a team!” and the other of us is not wearing her red Ben Folds track jacket as much.

After our walk on the beach, we packed up and said goodbye to the cabin.  We made a traditional stop at the ticky tacky beach shop called Flamingo Jim’s.


I don’t know how he kept all his fingers through the years.

They also had a t-shirt with a wolf, bald eagle AND a buffalo AND the moon.  And they were even buy-one-get-one-free.  But again, it’s that whole “not dressing the same” thing.  Otherwise, we would have bought them.

We had lunch at the Pacific Oyster in Bay City and we were both wowed and disappointed.  I mean, look at this crab salad.


Beautiful, right?  So I was all excited to get my crab melt.  And when it came out, I was heartily disappointed.  Two flat, greasy english muffins with not even half of the crab on the salad.  And mine cost $15.95!  My lunch might have been acceptable if it was $8.  I was super pissed.  I thought I needed some ice cream to calm myself down.  But I just sucked it up because I am a trouper.

We took route 6 home to check out the various campgrounds we saw on the way to the beach.  We saw Elk Creek, and Jones Creek campgrounds.  They were both rustic, walk-in tent sites.  All the sites were spacious and private, which we liked.  However, in this part of the forest near Tillamook, all the trees are 50 years old or less due to the Tillamook Burn.  And some of the sites felt more like camping in underbrush with very little shade.  We did enjoy Gales Creek campground, where there were some bigger trees.  We made a note of the sites that we liked.  This whole area would probably be best for late summer camping when there is little chance for rain and the ground has had a chance to dry out.  Route 6 is a lovely drive.

We got back into town and we were psyched that it was still only Saturday.  It would be hard to get more bang for your relaxation buck than to go to the coast and dip your toes in that freezing cold ocean.  Just go walk on the beach, you’ll feel like a new woman.  Or man.  Or kitty.


  1. I… can… just… picture your face when you saw your deflated, crab, english muffin melt after seeing that salad!! Oh my what a sight it must have been! I wish you took a picture of the sandwich, AND your face after seeing that salad. Did you buy a crocodile head for Dinger?

  2. I was so pissed, I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of the crab melt. Word to the wise: get the salad. Save yourself the heartache.

  3. They’re totally twins, just fraternal twins, as one is clearly a girl.


  4. Don’t order the (cold) crab sandwich on (white) bread from the seafood place on 101, south of newport and north of south beach state park. Trust me.

  5. Mary Sue: Excellent point.

    Alan: I should check to see if is available.

  6. Reading “” for some reason makes me feel like I just drank a glass of bad milk or something…

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