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I Know Rock Stars

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The very first band I obsessed about as a kid was Men At Work.  I was in forth grade. I think that was when I discovered music and began rebelling against my parents. Johnny Be Good, Mom! Take that! In my young mind, I couldn’t wait until I was 18 so I could go to Australia by myself and find the guys from Men at Work, and you know, hang out.

From there, I liked Cyndi Lauper, Billy Idol, then for a long time through high school, Tears for Fears. Back then, you wrote letters (on paper) to fan clubs. I listened on vinyl. I eventually got a “boom box” and listened on cassette tapes. For high school graduation, I got a new fangled CD player. My first CD was Songs from the Big Chair. See how cute Curt Smith was?

In the 90s, something called email happened and I was on a forum for Curt Smith fans. He was working on solo projects and lived in New York. They organized a conference for Tears For Fears dorks and I hopped on a bus from Boston to New York for the weekend.

And there, we actually all had dinner with Curt Smith.


And somehow, I thought it was a good idea to wear a shiny spandex tube dress to meet him. It was a giddy weekend.

I have largely forgotten about all this. Except that about a month or two ago, I heard friends say they were “going to see Tears For Fears.” My ears perked up. What, what, what? Why did no one tell me about this, goddamnit?  No, no, you don’t even KNOW who was a Tears For Fears fan. I had Teen Beat pin ups on my wall, the whole shebang.

The difference between original fandom when I was a kid writing letters on paper, is now Curt Smith is on Twitter.  And he blogs about his dog, his kids, doing laundry, and his vacations in Tuscany.  I follow him and other rock stars on Twitter.  Colin Meloy cuts his own grass.  Rock stars, mowing the lawn.

It just feels creepy.  Me, like I’m the creep, looking into their lives.  Because it turns out they are real people. And I don’t know if you know this, but rock stars were never real people back when.


  1. Apparently the notion of a celebrity’s ‘mystique’ is at a low premium these days.

  2. p.s. You look great! You’ve lost a lot of weight, yes?

  3. Yup. If we all went back in a time machine to 1997, I’d lose about 40 pounds.

  4. Apparently the notion of my ‘intelligence’ is at a low premium these days.

    And if I went back to 1997, it wouldn’t be any better.


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