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The Drive to Elko, Nevada

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All of these photos were taken by Official Road Photographer, Dave Knows.


Black Butte heading east from Route 20. It rained from Portland, all the way through the valley, until we reached the summit of the Cascades.


Three Sisters shrouded in clouds.


Way east of Bend. Somewhere.




More road. There was a lot of it.


Nevada. It was about 11 hours to Elko from Portland. I drove all but 15 miles of it. Dave was very stressed out for the 15 miles he drove. It was better for everyone involved for me to drive. It wasn’t bad at all. No one even died.


  1. I love this site and all the travel blogs. Getting to the destination is the best part, IMO. All I want to do is explore the hidden secrets of the NW, and this site is a great inspiration.

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