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Three Months

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On January 26th, I had just arrived in Portland and was staying at the super scary Motel 6 on Powell. I had been in town for 5 days and was sort of frantically looking for a job and apartment.

I think back on the first week I arrived, and I’m thankful I don’t put myself through that type of experience very often. It was the kind of experience where you really can’t just sit and do nothing. I had T-minus X days until I was really screwed if I didn’t find a place to live and a place to work. I don’t know how many days X was, but it wasn’t a lot.

It’s the type of thing that makes you hungry. Hungry for Vietnamese beef noodle soup. And since I had been spending my days sitting in coffee shops, using the internets, and looking for jobs and apartments, and feeling meagerly like I was kind of taking charge of my life, sort of, I thought I deserved some damn noodles.

I got some soup. It was good. The check came with a fortune cookie. I saved the fortune.

This Date

I had no idea where I’d be living, or where I’d be working in three months. I was in a new part of the country and in a city I barely knew, and where I didn’t know a soul. What a grand, wide future I had. I think “scared shitless” is the medical term.

Yesterday was April 26. Last night, I went to a Timbers game and shouted till I was hoarse with 10,000 other people. And after, I sat and drank beers with new friends. Plus, I’m gainfully employed and I’m not homeless. Portland is awesome!

I’m getting an Oregon license soon.


  1. How time changes… 3 months ago, 6 months ago, a year ago, five years ago…

  2. Portland thinks you’re awesome too.

  3. Stinky's sister says

    Portland also thinks you smell.

  4. I know the Motel 6 you speak of. It IS scary. There was a murder there a few years ago, too. Not to make it even scarier for you, but that’s the facts, ma’m. I almost did the same thing you did moving here. When I was around 19-20 I’d planned on moving to Minneapolis. I had one friend there. Then Dear Hubby entered my life and the rest is history. I’ve been married to him for almost 34 years, so this has been quite a detour, wouldn’t you say?! Ha!

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