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Friends With Hollywood Projects

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When you live in Los Angeles, chances are you, or your friends, or your mom, or your dog are working on a screenplay. It’s sort of required. You must also occasionally make appearances at the local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf patio, during the week, during work hours, while slurping away at a mocha ice blended, while wearing your big shades, so you look hip and mysterious. You do this to make people wonder what you do all day. Bonus points if you totally yammer away on your iPhone to that producer about your gig. You know, the producer who did the video for Bon Jovi that one time. Because he totally knows Michael Bay.

After spending some time in Los Angeles, you will just start picking up ambient knowledge. Like what the next Pixar film is about. Or who does Beyonce’s hair. Or which film Will Smith is in next. Or who is producing the next James Bond film. And you may stop and wonder why these pieces of knowledge are in your head. And you may want to have that gray matter back. But then you will hear about what Bobby Brown just did and you realize that you will never see your brain again.

When someone visits from out of town, and talks about biology, or the mail, or shark attacks, you may find that you want to scoop up that person, wrap your arms around them and never let them go. Biology is fascinating.

People sometimes work on other projects, but all are related to “the business.”  Everybody likes to write screenplays. I began writing a few items myself, but never anything all that great, and never anything all that, um, “finished.” I somehow went lacking on the “completion” chromosome. But I’m extra proportioned in the “procrastination” chromosome.

So, I never really finished anything in Hollywood, but I have friends that are working on an animation project. It’s really a real project and they’re really going to, like, pitch it to like, Hollywood people and try to like sell it and stuff. It’s along the lines of something you would see on Adult Swim, which is on TV, and which is where, I assure you, all the weird shit is.

So can you do these chaps a favor and watch the clip and give some feed back? Even if you have the vaguest impressions, or a fully articulated critique, some objective criticism would be helpful. I personally can’t really be objective, because these guys are my friends. So I’m obligated to smile and tell them “Great job boys!” Otherwise, their moms stop sending checks.

I won’t mention the whole process it’s taken to create the 5:36 minute clip below. But it’s significant. I believe the clip ends about halfway through the episode. They are working on the second half now.

To help get you started, here are some possible choices when giving feedback:

A. Awesome! I loved it!

B. I totally already had this idea and now I’m going to sue you.

C. Not funny. I don’t get it. Monkeys are stupid.

D. I have a lucrative production deal waiting for you. Have your people call my people.


  1. Ambient-knowledge answers:

    A robot
    Ask your sister
    Barbara “Li’l Cubby” Broccoli
    Clubbed Whitney Houston with her own Grammy

  2. I can definitely imagine that on
    Adult Swim; it’s better than a lot of the crap they show ;-)

    So I guess I would go with “A”.

    And I think the monkey is the best part.

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