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Tank Full Of Gas (Multiple), Chapter Nineteen: Elko, NV Part 2

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For our second day in Elko, we got up and ate a bowl of Cap’n Crunch while we waited for the rest of the household to wake up. Cap’n Crunch is so fricken good. But I invariably pay for it later when my mouth is full of puncture wounds from all the sharp, pointy bits in the cereal. Why you always gotta harsh my mellow, Cap’n?

Our plan was to visit Dave’s brother’s wife’s parents’ ranch which was 10 or 15 miles outside of Elko, off in the hills, and down a 12 mile gravel road. Wow. Remote. Their nearest neighbor was a mile away.

This was their front yard.


You could see a plume of dust from approaching vehicles on the road miles away. So you’d know when to get your shot gun loaded. Below, their backyard.


And their house was a charming green oasis in the middle.


They had a bunch of ranch dogs, a couple cats, goats, chickens, a turkey, a billy goat and a little red bull. I learned the bull is always patrolling the outskirts of the fence to watch the lady cows go by.

We had a pizza and salad lunch, then Dori’s mom suggested we go for a ride in the Rhino. Um, huh. Never got a chance to read the recall on Rhinos due to rollover deaths. It was just the girls, to which Dave breathed a huge sigh of relief. He made sure I wore my seatbelt.

The ranch dogs bounded along the side us as we blasted down the road. I don’t know if there could be a truer expression of primal joy, than those dogs running along with us through the desert. And when we stopped to give them a break, they just lay in the creek and lapped at the water.


Wouldn’t you just lay in a muddy creek if you could?

The view at the end of our short drive was quite pretty.


Here’s Dori and her mom (who was driving) flashing gang signs, because they live in da hood, yo.


I took a few clips of us blazing along in the bush. This one was perhaps the least boring. You have to understand, I was also holding on for dear life, as Dave would have killed me if I died.

Going for a Ride In Sage Brush Country from Mile73 on Vimeo.

Makes you feel a long way from Portland, Oregon, doesn’t it? At one point during the drive, Dori asked her mom, “Are you armed?” Dori was sitting in the back, and I’m not the type to scare, but I suddenly thought perhaps we were being chased by bandits or bears or Kevin Bacon. Dori’s mom left her gun at home, but she said it was okay with three people and two dogs. It’s just a good idea to have a gun around, for you know, whatever.

Back at the ranch, we got to fetch our own eggs from the chicken coop, which was totally kick ass. We cooked them for breakfast while we camped later in the trip.

We bid adieu to Dave’s brother’s wife’s parents and headed back into town. Dori took the boys and went back to the county fair to collect their photos and prize money. Dave, Steve and I went downtown to check out some of the stores there. Unfortunately, almost everything was closed because it was Labor Day. We did get a chance to take a photo in front of the largest polar bear in Elko.


And here’s Dave losing money at the slots. I more than made up for his losses by winning $20 in 30 seconds. I’m the best girlfriend ever. I only bet $.25. What if I had bet a dollar? Jeez! I cashed out and walked away. I couldn’t possibly hope to do better than $20 on $.25. Dave told me later he won money, not lost money. He says he won $.75. We are both quitting our jobs.


After about 10 minutes in the casino, (we are really not the gambling types) we headed back to the Strom residence for a fantastic home cooked meal. We hung out and relaxed. Everyone was going back to school or work the next day. And Dave and I were hitting the road for a five hour drive to Goose Lake Campground, near Lakeview, Oregon.

That story next.


  1. I did not see the gang-sign-flashing mom pic until now. That is so wrong.

  2. What a different world!!! Love the gang signs!!!

  3. I’ve never been to Nevada, but its a carbon copy of Eastern Oregon.

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