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A Night at Oktoberfest

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Oktoberfest at Oaks Park. We have been looking forward to this since last year’s visit. Because we like accordions, schnitzel, and wiener dogs and beer. We decided to start early and go Friday night after work. It was a lovely evening. We got beer, we got food, and we sat down near the wiener dog warm ups.


I believe these warm ups were to get the little doggies ready for the high stakes races tomorrow. It is serious business.

Wiener Dog Races at Oktoberfest 2009 from Mile73 on Vimeo.

Some of them needed a little work. Here’s another video of the warm ups. Watching these races, with owners dancing and singsonging to get their dogs to run to them, and some dogs just cluelessly waddling around, it made me think they ought to have baby races. What’s cuter than racing short little dogs? Short little babies. Inspired, I asked a nearby stranger with a toddler if he thought his kid would win in a baby race. He said no. But come on. It’s a good idea.

There was a sandwich board with this movie poster next to the wiener dog race track.


Intrigued, we looked up this film as we nursed our post-Oktoberfest hangovers. I must apologize as A Portland Blogger that I was not aware, and therefore, did not alert my vast legion of readers about this film. Just the trailer and the theme song are some of the most hilarious I’ve seen in a long time. I consider it a grave injustice and an unforgivable offense that we never heard about this film. It JUST RECENTLY played at the Summer’s End Dog Fest 2009, like, just days ago? And we missed it? What kind of bloggers are we?

Also, I never thought I liked wiener dogs, but they are growing on me. There were many wiener dogs at Oktoberfest and they are damn cute. By “cute” I mean they made me laugh with their awkwardness. It’s a feeling not unfamiliar to me.

This year, as last, the Oktoberfest was well attended, and became more and more packed at the night wore on.


We looked at the schedule of events and learned that we were attending on the night of “Senior Excitement.”


There was a pretzel toss contest where adults donned toilet plungers upon their heads, a condiment painting contest, and the ever-loved accordion renditions of the Chicken Dance.

After it got dark, we went for a stroll outside. I sometimes wish I had a real camera.


After having attended my own street fairs this summer, I had a new appreciation of folks sitting under a tent, trying to sell their hand-knit pot holders and snowflake sweaters.

I have to say, what I enjoyed the most at Oktoberfest, after the beer, the wiener dogs and everything else, is watching older couples shake a tail feather.


It caught me by surprise, how happy it made me to watch them dance.


I loved how the knew what they were doing. They matched every step. They had danced this dance many times before.


I wish I could have asked about the first time they danced together.


  1. Weiner Dog Races!!! Not a Los Angeles thing! It should be!!

  2. i NEED that weiner dog poster.

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