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Crap Weather = Site Redesign

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I may be the only one to feel this way, but I’m a little bit relieved for the summer to be winding down. Summer was go-go-go with the street fairs and the cultural fests and the Timbers games and camping trips and the road trips. I don’t think I vacuumed for three whole months. You should have seen the tumble weeds of kitty fur on our floors. We lost our feet.

I think we squeezed every last drop out of Summer 2009. And now with this week, rain came and chilly temperatures came out of nowhere, and were all like, “Hi, remember us, sucker? Say goodbye to that warm, yellow glowing ball in the sky.” I’ll have to come back and re-read this post in four months when I want to stab myself with a fork rather than deal with another day of gray skies.

But for now, the idea of being home on the weekends, home in my fuzzy socks, with a blanket and a kitty and a laptop and a fireplace, with the rain tapping on the window, that all sounds REAL NICE.

I had been collecting various “To Do” lists on sticky notes as flashes of inspiration came and bonked me on the head. It resulted in a lot of sticky notes. I’m a dork for “To Do” lists. Because just writing something down allowed me to forget about it. Because it’s written down. Just the act of writing it down meant that I accomplished something.

And I was realizing, I would go back and look at older lists and some of the same items kept popping up. I have a notebook that I carry with me everywhere for just such purposes. And it was re-stupid of me to keep writing the same things over and over. So I started a “Master To Do List,” and it is the list to which all other lists bow down and worship.

As my fun summer bounded along, like a big, goofy yellow lab, my Master List kept growing and growing. Shred old documents. Buy fenders, a basket and lights for my bike. Save $100 a week for our business/property/future fund. Look up designs classes at PNCA. Update my resume. Look up writers groups in Portland. Maybe put my personal finances in Quickbooks. Go to bloggy events like WordCamp. Work on a logo for some friends. Work on a logo for my boyfriend. Sell or give away stuff. Figure out how to access an old credit union account from when I was living in Boston. I might have money in there.

Okay? Tip of the iceberg, people. It’s a long list. It seems like a lot of these things would be awful, torturous, yucky tasks. But you know what, I’m excited to get them done. I cannot fricken wait to tackle this list. My future is on the other side. With sunbeams, flowers and friendly unicorns waiting to give me pony rides.

A big, giant, huge thing I have on this list is to redesign this blog. I’m working on the theme and layout right now. I’m resurrecting my blog roll, which seemed to disappear when I accidentally deleted my site’s database, which was awesome. I’m going to add a Travel Page just for our road trip/travel stories. I’m tossing around an “Excuses” page. I’ll add links to twitter, flickr, and delicious, once I get all those sorted out. I’m writing more for my About page. I’ll have space to put up some unobtrusive and hopefully not tacky ads. Maybe I’ll add a “Now Reading” section for the books I’m slowing slogging through. Maybe I’ll publish my Master To Do List, because how could that not be interesting to complete strangers on the internet?

The new site is coming soon. And once that is up, I’m hoping to carve out more time to really write instead of just breathlessly recapping all the zany stuff we did over the summer.

So, bring on the cold, the rain, the fuzzy socks, the fireplace and the demanding kitty. And the unicorns.


  1. i agree with you on the weather. after several weeks of 105-118 heat, i am way looking forward to sweaters, and fireplaces, and blankets…
    the cold temps the last few days (if you can call 73 degrees “cold”) has been manna from heaven.

  2. Why would friendly unicorns give pony rides instead of friendly unicorn rides? I’m confused.

  3. Steve, I would appreciate it if you would keep the pointing out of my dubious logic to yourself, please.

  4. The redesigned site is disorienting. Oh and “Archives” is misspelled.

  5. “Arcives” is the French spelling, Steve.

    (okay, fixed, thanks.)

  6. Mike Morell says

    “Maybe put my personal finances in Quickbooks.” Yes, I’ve often asked myself the same question. I’ve searched the web and find very little useful information to answer this question. Did you go forward and do this? What have you found that you believe is helpful? Thank you!

  7. Hi Mike, I haven’t done it yet. I still might, though. I have been using some spreadsheets I found here. I do still want to get more familiar with Quickbooks in case I ever start my own business. And it just seems like a smart thing to do. And I want to be smart.

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