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Obsessive Phases

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Over the summer, I was on a kick to organize my finances. I spent a lot of time trying to develop a system to track my money, which I have seriously never done before. The way I track my money is by not ever having any. Over the course of many years, I got in the habit of never carrying cash. It was just a system that worked for me. It was harder to spend if I didn’t have loose bills in my wallet.

And somehow, not carrying cash, like most anything else relating to money, made me feel guilty. I have a lot of “money guilt.” I feel guilty if I have it, or if I don’t have it, or if I’m spending it, or if I’m saving it. Yes, even guilt about saving, because I could alway be saving more, you know? How could I be so irresponsible as to only save a little? Except I didn’t have to worry about that kind of guilt, because I rarely saved anything. Problem solved.

Over the summer, tracking my money suddenly got interesting. It started from a positive spiral. In the past six months, I paid off my student loan, my credit cards and a bank loan. I called my car insurance company and got them to reduce my rate by $50 a month. I had already dropped my data plan on my phone and that is saving me $40 a month. I’m even not getting a goddamned iPhone. I was reading this book and getting into a few different finance blogs. I played with a few different personal budget google docs to see where my money was going. I found a spreadsheet I liked and spent hours and days entering in all the transactions for the entire YEAR. All of 2009. Every last dime.

The word is OBSESSED. I’ve written about this before. I’ve calmed down a bit, as evidenced by my not having touched my tracking spreadsheet for a couple months. All the data and bank statements are ready to go, so I have felt okay about neglecting them. Because now I’m working on my NEW obsessive project. And that would be building blogs.

This weekend, I have been building no fewer than five different blogs, three of which are paid side projects for my employer. When I say “building” blogs, I actually mean flopping around, trying to edit the CSS in various themes (I am not a coder). But I’ve also created logos and graphics, written content and done some minor html editing (not a coder). Dave also worked on three other separate blogs himself this weekend. One of them is about french fries and gravy. Seriously.

This was Friday night, pretty much all day Saturday, and all day Sunday. And actually, the majority of our nights for the past week. And maybe the week before that. We have stopped for meals and socializing. But when thinking about making plans, we have both been thinking of the work we have to do at home. I anticipated that we might feel stir crazy by Sunday afternoon, and thought about hopping in the car for a day trip somewhere. But when Sunday arrived, we were both motivated to chip away at our stacks of blogs. We stayed home and worked for hours.

This may all sound incredibly dull to you. We stayed in and tapped away at our computers all weekend. Why would we torture ourselves like this? And the dirty, filthy secret is that we like it. I would do this full time if I could. This is what we spend our time on, as opposed to watching TV. We sit on the couch as much as anyone else. But for me, this past weekend, I was getting paid to sit my fat butt on the couch.

I’ll have some more of getting paid to sit on the couch, please. Get me a beer, too, willya?

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