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Breakfast Is Going To Make My Dad Yell At Me

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Breakfast this morning.

We went to Bob’s Red Mill, inspired by the 2009 World Porridge Making Championship. What, you didn’t know there was a championship for porridge making? It’s in Scotland. What kind of rock do you live under?

We even got to behold the Golden Spurtle that winner Matthew Cox brought home to Oregon.



We had never been to Bob’s Red Mill, and and as we drove and drove and drove to get there, and then got lost, I wondered why we didn’t just walk to a local place in our neighborhood like usual. We arrived before 9am, which we thought was early, and we groaned when we saw the roads leading to our breakfast were already lined with cars.

bobsAnd since we had never been there, I was expecting it to be crowded, and we’d to have to wait. We walked in and it was nothing like I had anticipated.

It was indeed bustling with people, mostly much older that us. We had to walk through grocery aisles of flour and grains to order our breakfast. And I was all like, “Duh!” it’s a mill. They have grain. It all came together for me. I never said I was very bright.

We ordered an enormous amount of food, because Dave is unable to NOT order the biscuits and gravy if it is on the menu. His reasoning that it is frequently the cheapest and most filling item on the menu. Because he grew up in the Great Depression. He’s ninety years old.

In fact, the food was not expensive and the portions, were of course, huge. Because milling is hard work. As we ate and took the place in, we realized, this wasn’t just breakfast. This was an outing. This was like a Disney Land of Grains. How could we leave without buying a few buckwheat groats or maybe some rolled spelt flakes?


We got a bunch of stuff: granola, some muesli, two different kinds of oatmeal, potato starch and some white unbleached whole wheat flour. We were in a grain frenzy. We were inebriated by all the grain. We couldn’t help ourselves. Oh, the things we’ll bake! Maybe!


Dave also got some giant hunks of black licorice. And they were disgusting. Black licorice should be banned. Or it should be implemented as a National Security strategy. We could line our borders with giant fences of black licorice and keep everyone on the planet out.

So. Bob’s Red Mill. Quite a fun experience. We would have liked to take the mill tour, but those only run during the weekdays.

A side of biscuits and gravy is $3.00. I’m going to take my Dad next time he visits.


  1. OK Here it comes. WHERE IS THE REDEEMING VALUE IN THAT BREAKFAST? I like the grain mill aspect but the cheese covered eggs and gravy covered biscuits and what appears to be a tub of cheese on the side must mean that they don’t have too many repeat customer as their arteries don’t last that long. Obviously fruit is not welcomed by the mill folk. I believe it is time for a communication from a certain cardiologist we know.

  2. Oh, and your penance for indulging, 10 Hail Marys (praying that curds don’t form in your internal organs), a 5 mile walk and yes a helping of brussels sprouts, and for Gravy-Davy no porter, pilsner, or lager for a week!

  3. Ha ha!! You guys got in trouble!!! Ha ha! I’m the good daughter! (Gravy-Davy – Muh ha ha haaa!!) Sucky punishment though.

  4. Now Don, let’s not be too hasty. Is that a little tub of applesauce by the pancakes? By Dave and Heather’s breakfast standards, that’s healthy.

  5. Everyone seems to be over looking the pancakes – they’re buckwheat – the most friggin nutritious pancakes on the planet!

  6. But Daaaaaad, this is what I had for breakfast today:

    My Breakfast! Dad!

    Oatmeal! Apples! Cranberries! Cinnamon! Honey! Milk! I’m still the good daughter!

  7. I don’t get it…if you had the oatmeal then did Dave eat the rest?
    I have never heard of this place and now I can’t wait to check it out!
    I can’t find any sort of menu online but I hear the have veg-head stuff?

    I am jealous, I had a poptart for breakfast!

  8. i used to live near there in milwaukie and i actually saw bob and his wife eating breakfast on the patio one time. it was like seeing grain royalty. thank you for featuring this place, it is so awesome.

  9. Natika, they had all sorts of stuff for veg heads. They had giant feed bags of TVP. And a ton of other inspiring stuff. It’s like an art supply store for bakers and cooks. Great fun.

    We had breakfast at Bob’s on Saturday. Sunday we had oatmeal to repent for our sins.

  10. Wow, one of those organic zombies would have a field day in that place.

    you know, GRAIIIINNNNNSSSS!!!!

    I got nuthin’

  11. @Steve – *Vegetarian* zombies. Jeesh, you must be “grain” damaged ;-)

  12. Just a reminder that the Chinook Book has vouchers for both a meal and purchases from the store. I need to head down and get my winter 50# bag of flour soon.
    Was the gravy any good? The biscuits look fantastic, but I’ve only had lunch there…

  13. I see what you did there, Gravy Davy. ;)

  14. I love it!!! “Grain” damaged!! I laughed!!

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