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Recommends: Lovely Hula Hands

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I myself am not in this predicament, but if you ever find yourself in love with someone, and you don’t know how to tell them, you can take that person to Lovely Hula Hands.¬† And they will understand.

If they don’t love you back by the time you finish the chocolate souffl√© cake with carmel ice cream, you can write them off as soulless and dead on the inside.


  1. I must be loved, I’ve been to Lovely Hula Hands!!

  2. Last night my girlfriend and I where headed to Prost! for some post Oregon Symphony libations but where unable to get a seat.

    We then meandered up Mississippi and much to my surprise was Lovely Hula Hands! Thanks to the recommendation we made a b-line to it and had a wonderful evening! Great food and an excellent selection of wine, beer, and cocktails to go with. Best fries I’ve had for awhile. :)

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