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Watch As My Head Puffs Up And Explodes Like a Tomato

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Okay. Have you heard me talk about moving? The doormat and all that? I can’t shut up about it.

Our apartment moving situation was settled way far in advance. The market is so soft and apartment buildings are so desperate for tenants, they are giving away free rent. So we secured an apartment weeks ago and gave over two months notice to our current landlady. We wanted to give her plenty of time so that maybe she’d find a new tenant and it would save us some rent overlap between our two apartments.

We weren’t really expecting that to happen. But shit, it did. She found someone who wants to move in ASAP and now we need to boogie. Our next building is psyched to get us in sooner and get us paying rent sooner. So we were expecting to move in a couple weeks, and have a long, leisurely amount of time to move out and clean the place up. Now we are moving a week sooner than anticipated and we have to move everything and clean up in 48 hours.

So. Next week. Packing. Cleaning. Moving. Fun. This will be my second move, and third apartment in my less than two years in Portland. No, I can’t damn sit still for even a damn second.

I’m actually really good at handling potential freak out situations like this. When shit just needs to get done. I’m good at focusing and rallying and blasting it out. I will be tired at the end and I will need a chiropractor afterwards. I get stressed if things are disorganized, or not everything is packed. But I, (“I,” meaning, “me” and “Dave” because he is packing and cleaning too) have a whole week to make sure that doesn’t happen. And we are hiring movers because we are adults and we don’t want to piss off our friends by asking them to move our asses again in less than a year. Whee!

This is unrelated, but it is on my mind: The time change is bullshit. This week, I have been ready for bed at 7:30. Also, I haven’t slept well since the time change. I am blaming Ben Franklin. And my cat. Bastards.

Because of lack of sleep, I get sensitive and tired and fragile. And I get uninspired. It sucks. Instead of writing on my own blog this week, I have been catching up on reading some “blog superstars” in my bookmarks folder. Some of these are Dooce, Pioneer Woman, Waiter Rant, Odd Todd. There are loads of others. But these writers are are all great storytellers (Odd Todd’s stories are here.) And they all have written books. Some best sellers. And they are all “internet famous.”

It’s a been comfort to go catch up on others’ stories when I feel lacking in my own. It makes me remember, “Oh yeah. That’s how you do that.”


  1. Don’t worry, we’re packing and moving ninjas!

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