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I Was Sorta On A Radio Show And Stuff

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Last week, this blog was featured amongst other esteemed local sites in a lovely post by Sabrina Miller from Portland Sucks. Sabrina is one of those people I “know” through blogging and Twitter. I had never met Sabrina, but we go waaaay back. On the internet, that means, like, months.

There are probably dozens, (okay, at least one singular dozen) of Portland people I “know” just from blogging. I have never met these folks, I just know them through their blogs. We all read each others’ blogs, so we’re up-to-do-date on each others’ lives. I get their tweets on Twitter, so I know what they are having for lunch. Sometimes people come up in day-to-day conversation, “Did you see what’s going on with so-in-so?” Of course I did. I read their blog.

But I’ve only met a rare few in person. A couple times, I’ve met folks at street fairs, with just a bio thumbnail photo to recognize them. Because who’s got muttons like Dieselboi? Or I was recently lucky to meet Mike Vogel and watch a day of shooting for his next movie. (I have a proper post in the works for that.) Or I’ve met other folks who blog through common interests, like suffering through nail-biter Timbers matches.

For the most part, though, there’s a pretty tight network of Portland people who I know only through their blogs. Up until today, Sabrina was one of those people. Because of her lovely post about her favorite blogs, I got a request from Bret to do a interview on a show called Gen-Y. I hesitated to let him know I’d probably be classified as a young “Gen-X,” but I could do my best to keep my dentures in my mouth.

I’ve never participated in any radio show. I’ve barely listened to the radio since 1999. I still think Ned’s Atomic Dustbin is a pretty kickass band. Or at least that one song was. Honestly, I wasn’t really sure what gems of wisdom I could offer to a listening audience of Gen-Ys. But, I’m nothing if not a blabbermouth, and I sure do like attention. And I knew that the folks at were nothing but professionals, so I figured they’d help keep me from sounding like an ass. Though, come on now, that’s asking for a bit much.

I was delighted to meet both Sabrina and Robert Wagner at the studio. They were as surprised as I was. It felt like more of a reunion, than a first meeting. But I explained, I would not be there, nervous and sweating, in the studio, if it had not been for Sabrina’s post.

I was nervous leading up to the show, but Bret and Damien were charming and engaging and they made the conversation very easy. We talked about me, and my stuff, and my blog, and blogging in Portland, then more about me. It was awesome.

Here’s a link to the actual show. Be advised that I didn’t actually forget how to speak English in the first five seconds. I was being told I was too far from the microphone, and I couldn’t sit closer to the microphone and talk at the same time. So I begin with a bunch of highly articulate “Um. Ah. I, um, ah, um.” Brilliant.

I encourage you to visit and check out Gen-Y on Mondays at 2:00, and the other shows, especially Portland Sucks, every fricken weekday at 8 am. And available as podcasts. And also a blog, because that’s how all this works, yo.

Thanks to Bret, Damien, Sabrina and Robert. I totally had a blast. I’ll totally come on your shows and talk about me anytime.


  1. The highlight of my Tuesday is knowing that someone out there other than me actually thinks about Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. Their trademark sound came from sitting too far away from their microphones. ;)

  2. It was great to have you on the radio today. Come back again now ya hear!

  3. Los Angeles heard the show!! It was fun! My boss didn’t think so since my ear was glued to my computer’s speaker on the floor. Hope to hear it more often!!!!

  4. Awesome!

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