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“Mild Winters,” My Ass

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  1. Ha! that’s nothin!

    -3 degrees tonight in Elko!

  2. Yes. But Steve, that kind of bullcrap winter weather is expected in Elko. Here in Portland, we’re supposed to have “mild winters.” Which is total fricken bullcrap.

    Drive safe out there.

  3. You’re saying that’s too hot or too cold? Or you’re saying that’s over or under the so-called “actual” temperature here in Faire Puddle-Towne? Or you’re shaking your tiny fists at the heavens and saying, “Dammmm you weather gawds!”

    I’m just piling on the layers and trying to find a fire.

  4. It could be worse, you could have been sitting outside for a bus that was ten minutes late…

    … hey, waitaminute.

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